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    JBoss3.0.7-Tomcat4.1.24 Bundle and SOAP Services

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      Don't know if this is the right thread to post this question, I hope it is...!

      My situation is:
      - I have a functional Bean Architecture (HTML-Client, Servlet, Bean, mysql-Database) deployed in JBoss, which (as an example) starts on my http://localhost:8080/fibo/index.html when JBoss is running
      - If I don't start JBoss, but I start Tomcat from inside the bundle, I can start my SOAP Admin Console under http://localhost:8080/soap/admin/index.html, see my deployed web services or deploy new ones. I then can also use these Services over Java Clients.

      So now to my problem/question:
      I want to "put these 2 things together", which means, I would like to have a bean running with my business logic, which I access over SOAP to come to my results. As I have understood (if I'm mistaken please enlighten me...), I have to have the bean deployed on JBoss and then deploy the bean as a web service on http://localhost:8080/soap/admin/index.html. Afterwards I can change my Servlet to access the deployed webservice over SOAP. So the end-architecture I would like to have is: index.html (client of the application, accesses servlet) - Servlet (accesses bean over SOAP-messages) - Bean (with my business method, deployed as SOAP service) - mysql DB (with the Data I want to access). Did I miss anything? Hope not...

      Thanks for anyone wanting to help!

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          Hi again!

          I can't say that I know to 100% how, but I have managed to have my JBoss running and at the same time be able to look at my SOAP Admin Client over http://localhost:80/soap/admin/index.html (I've changed the port from 8080 to 80).
          - First of all, my deployed Web Services didn't exist any more, so I had to deploy a new one. Why did that happen?
          - Then I went to http://localhost:80/fibo/index.html, where my App is running, gave some input and pressed the button to get my answer over the Servlet, Bean etc. The problem is, it looks like he hasn't found the SOAP service, as though it is not deployed or as though it is wrongly deployed. So I get a null pointer exception, and if I ask SOAP for some output I get this:
          :[Header=null] [methodName=null] [targetObjectURI=null] [encodingStyleURI=null] [SOAPContext=[Parts={[cid:null type: text/xml; charset=utf-8 enc: null]}]] [fault=[Attributes={}] [faultCode=SOAP-ENV:Server.BadTargetObjectURI] [faultString=Unable to resolve target object: buch.kapitel7.soap.BeispielServer_1] [faultActorURI=/soap/servlet/rpcrouter] [DetailEntries=] [FaultEntries=]] [Params={}]
          Does anybody know what I have to do?
          Do I have to put classes or something else somewhere special in the JBoss directory?
          Can somebody help me or should I provide some more information?