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    JBoss3.2.3 + Tomcat5x problem with taglibs

    wtff Newbie

      I tried to run a webapp which uses the JSTL taglibs on JBoss using tomcat 5.0.16 but JBoss reports that it cannot find any TLD descriptors.
      If I run the webapp in a standalone tomcat 5.0.16 everythins works fine.

      I ran tests with compressed or uncompressed .war archives and with TLD declarations inside web.xml or without but the problem remains.

      I created two test war archives as testcases which depict the problem:
      The testcases are named:
      - tld-bug23.war which contains JSTL for serlvet 2.3 + JSP 1.2 specs
      - tld-bug24.war which contains JSTL for servlet 2.4 + JSP 2.0 specs