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    Tomcat 5 on IIS

    david.liles Newbie

      Our environment requires we use IIS as our web server and we are looking to migrate our current Java (Jrun) environment to Tomcat 5. We have TC 5 running as a service and downloaded and configured the isapi_redirector2.dll at the root server level. We have a IIS web site that we are trying to configure as a TC web app. In IIS we have a virtual directory named "jakarta" that points to the isapi dll.

      We know that TC is functioning correctly because we can access the example web apps. We've modified the server.xml file to use our server IP address as the default host. We have one tag that reflects the server IP address and then we created a tag for the web app that we are wanting to configure. The problem is we get nothing when we try to access the web app by its URL.

      When we access the site by the IP address:8080/appname it works, but if we try to access it by the URL we get nothing.... dev.dynamichostings.com

      How do we get Tomcat to host individual web app domains?