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    Reformulation: context definition in jboss/tomcat

    f_crivellaro Newbie

      I am running Tomcat as a service of JBoss 3.0.7, and I want to
      deploy a web application.
      By default, my web application is deployed since I placed a directory
      named "my_app.war" under jboss/server/default/deploy.
      It works.
      I want to add a Context in tomcat/conf/server.xml, but it doesn't works.
      Why? how can I set a web-application docBase (in context tag) when running Tomcat as JBoss service?
      (If I can add a context then I can use Environment tag...)

      Any suggestions?

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          treespace Novice

          bela wrote:

          But I suggest to ship jbossweb-tomcat5.sar/META-INF/jboss-service.xml with its own TreeCache configuration (e.g. for session repl), and have SSO refer to it via ObjectName.

          If you and Scott decide to have the config in jbossweb-tomcat5.sar/META-INF/jboss-service.xml, we need to give the service a less generic name. I suggest, jboss.cache:service=TreeCache,type=jboss.web

          BTW, from painful experience I learned the more obvious "jboss.web:service=TreeCache" is no good. The Tomcat5 service's stop() method unregisters all MBeans under the jboss.web space (it assumes they are all Tomcat objects). So, when the ServiceController goes to stop the TreeCache service, it is no longer registered in the JMX server and an exception is thrown.

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            f_crivellaro Newbie

            Excuse me...
            I add the context in: