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    Servlet destroy method

    Stacy Johnson Newbie

      nthx wrote:

      > Ok. I got this SharedStoreCacheLoader, but I have little problems with using it. It has strange constructor, so it cannot be plugged directly by using XML conf file.

      Currently to be used only programmatically. The javadocs explains a bit more. This is experimental yet.

      > Correct me if my assumptions are wrong:
      > -I want to have shared DB


      > -want to use lazy loading (my custom implementation) from DB


      > -aop tree is empty
      > -tree.getObject("/customers/first");
      > -after that, the tree has one element, loaded with my custom: Map get(Fqn fqn) method
      > -I _thought_ from now on, in case every _other_ node wants "/customers/first" it will be given by cache

      that is correct

      > -but: from other nodes method: Map get(Fqn) is still executed. So, basically: there is no cache ? :/

      should not be the case, I verified this with FileCacheLoader