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    classloader problems in doing injection framework

    Bill Burke Master

      I'm having a classloader problem when implimenting the EE5 injection framework. Maybe this will go away with JBoss 5, I don't know.

      here's the description:

      Before the WebModule is created and registered with the kernel, I want to scan web.xml and all servlet classes so that I can create a dependency list and register it with the kernel. To do this, I need access to the class so that I can scan it.

      One scenario I found that shows up with the Web Services SAR is that there is a WAR that does not contain the servlet class that is defined in its web.xml. This class is in another JAR file at the same SAR level as the WAR and is not being resolved. I'm guessing that the WAR is being deployed before the JAR file which is why the class is not being found.

      Am I diagnosing this problem correctly? I thought JARs were deployed before WARs for nested deployments?