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    Need the context classloader after create

    Cserveny Tamas Newbie


      I've tried to create an easy per deployment logging possibility without many fuss with package prefixes / repository selectors / TCLFilter etc.
      This service will look for a log4j.xml or .prop in the META-INF directory of all deployments, and create and register the logger for the deployment.

      I'm almost finished, but one part is missing: Web deployments does not publish the context loader before 'start' step, but the classes (and loggers) are created in the 'create' step.

      Basically this means I cannot identify the deploymentinfo from the thread's classloader. Is there a reason why the context loader only set at the end of create into the webmetadata?
      Or is it a way around this 'limitation'?

      You can have a look at my code at: hxxp://

      Any help welcome!