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    Capturing Client IP


      How do I capture the IP of the client which is attempting to login? I browsed some resources on net and found JBAS 1486.

      But its not clear about how to do the configuration. I am using JAVA client to connect to my JBOSS server, during the login process I would like to print the client IP in log file.

      I thought it must be simple to get the info in login() method of my custom implementation of UsernamePasswordLoginModule class, but it does not seem so.

      JBOSS Version: 4.0.5.GA

      Any help would be appreciated

      P.S> I also refferred http://www.javaworld.com/javaworld/jw-09-2002/jw-0913-jaas.html?page=4 where they are speaking about HttpServletRequest. Which wont help this scenario