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    Jnuke project under sourceforge.net

    Franklin Samir Newbie

      I got the Jnuke project, on sourceforge.net administration, one month ago.(http://jnuke.sourceforge.net)
      Before, the project was halted for many time.
      The project hopes to emulate PHPNUKE / PostNuke using JBoss, but in
      a secudary version. In the first version, the priority is simplicity.
      Simplicity, because we wold like to popularize the project. Will be good if this version can be run in a servlet Container only.

      I'm finishing de the model layer now. I think in the end of February, the first beta versions will be ready, with the News module. Then I'll need developers.
      I live in Brazil, and here have many developers intersteds in the project...

      I'm was searching for a project like this, for many time. Today I found this forum, and the better: under the Jboss!

      Well, I would like to see the benefits(Jboos an Servlet Container versions) of the 2 project in one system only.
      Do you see a way ?

      ps.Sorry for the english errors.


      Franklin Samir (from Brazil)

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          Viet Master


          we have basically the same view of the project : keep simplicity for module developpers.

          Core kernel is almost finished and we are developping several modules to test it.

          That would be interesting to compare both implementations.

          We are taking advantages of jboss platform in mainly in some ways :

          1.services are used for the core.
          2.EJBs are used for the model and persistence layer.
          3.use mbean to allow hot deploy of modules without
          start/stop servlet.

          We'll keep developping our project "nukes on jboss" however you're welcome to join us.


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            Nick Pavlica Newbie

            This is a great project. The community really needs something like this. Good Luck !!!!!