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    Jnuke project under sourceforge.net

    Franklin Samir Newbie

      I got the Jnuke project, on sourceforge.net administration, one month ago.(http://jnuke.sourceforge.net)
      Before, the project was halted for many time.
      The project hopes to emulate PHPNUKE / PostNuke using JBoss, but in
      a secudary version. In the first version, the priority is simplicity.
      Simplicity, because we wold like to popularize the project. Will be good if this version can be run in a servlet Container only.

      I'm finishing de the model layer now. I think in the end of February, the first beta versions will be ready, with the News module. Then I'll need developers.
      I live in Brazil, and here have many developers intersteds in the project...

      I'm was searching for a project like this, for many time. Today I found this forum, and the better: under the Jboss!

      Well, I would like to see the benefits(Jboos an Servlet Container versions) of the 2 project in one system only.
      Do you see a way ?

      ps.Sorry for the english errors.


      Franklin Samir (from Brazil)