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    cvs checkin


      I did checkin in cvs.

      It works with version jboss-3.2.0beta3 so far.
      Don't work with cvs Branch3.2 (but sure
      later), not tried with RC1 because of deploy
      bugs under windows.

      how-to step by step :

      first get a jboss-3.2.0beta3 somewhere on your disk space
      set env variable JBOSS_HOME pointing to it.

      get a copy of nukes with : cvs co nukes, let's call it NUKES

      install mysql connector on jboss by copying the connector rar in jboss deploy dir.
      copy $NUKES/thirdparty/mysql-mysql/lib/mysql-connector-java-3.0.0-beta-bin.jar $JBOSS_HOME/server/default/deploy

      install nukes datasource :
      copy $NUKES/nukes/src/resources/mysql/mysql-ds.xml $JBOSS_HOME/server/default/deploy

      create nukes tables by sourcing the file $NUKES/nukes/src/etc/mysql.ddl

      build nukes :
      cd $NUKES/build
      build.bat or build.sh

      deploy it
      cd $NUKES/nukes
      build deploy

      you can deploy journal module also :
      cd $NUKES/journal
      build deploy

      I hope it will be enough and I hope also that
      sf.net anonymous cvs works as well. If not
      we'll do some kinf of alpha release.