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    Lost password module integrated

    Viet Master

      I have just integrated in the core the lost password module provided
      by Roberto Saccon.

      Roberto, thank you for having spend usefull time on Nukes. It seems you have well understood
      module and Nukes concepts. Your feedback in forums is very positive and let me think we are in a good way.

      If you want to contribute further please
      let it know. You are welcome.

      We attends news module soon (perhaps this week).

      I worked on component mbean/service aspect and removed model mbean structure. In fact
      current structure is between model mbean and
      dynamic mbean. This work is largely inspired
      from Model MBean implementation from JBoss.

      In fact each component has its own interceptor stack, blah blah.

      I expect to code mbean properties backup in DB with that.

      Also this will enable us to have more dynamic components : i.e not being declared from jboss-service.xml. For instance being able to create new block component without any deployment.

      So the road for a 1.0 release (call it whatever you want) is there. We will provide it bundled with JBoss 3.2.0 and uses HSQLDB by default, so installation will not be a pain.

      Also I need a DB installer : just a plain servlet
      that creates and feeds tables with data from
      .ddl files. This would need to reuse Postnuke
      graphics and HTML to be a carbon HTML copy of their install shield. It looks very nice.

      That's an open task that anyone can do. So if someone feels comfortable with it, drop a line on that topic. As usual beginners are welcome and we will answer all questions here.


        • 1. cvs checkin
          Viet Master

          I did checkin in cvs.

          It works with version jboss-3.2.0beta3 so far.
          Don't work with cvs Branch3.2 (but sure
          later), not tried with RC1 because of deploy
          bugs under windows.

          how-to step by step :

          first get a jboss-3.2.0beta3 somewhere on your disk space
          set env variable JBOSS_HOME pointing to it.

          get a copy of nukes with : cvs co nukes, let's call it NUKES

          install mysql connector on jboss by copying the connector rar in jboss deploy dir.
          copy $NUKES/thirdparty/mysql-mysql/lib/mysql-connector-java-3.0.0-beta-bin.jar $JBOSS_HOME/server/default/deploy

          install nukes datasource :
          copy $NUKES/nukes/src/resources/mysql/mysql-ds.xml $JBOSS_HOME/server/default/deploy

          create nukes tables by sourcing the file $NUKES/nukes/src/etc/mysql.ddl

          build nukes :
          cd $NUKES/build
          build.bat or build.sh

          deploy it
          cd $NUKES/nukes
          build deploy

          you can deploy journal module also :
          cd $NUKES/journal
          build deploy

          I hope it will be enough and I hope also that
          sf.net anonymous cvs works as well. If not
          we'll do some kinf of alpha release.


          • 2. Re: Lost password module integrated
            Matt Smith Newbie

            Interception would be great. I think it would be a good place to put a validating interceptor similar to what they have in webwork. I am working on a small validation framework for a project at work, it should be general enough to incorporate as an interceptor if you like.



            • 3. Re: Lost password module integrated
              Viet Master

              I prefer to wait for JBoss AOP framework.

              In addition I think validation must be part
              of nukes in the business code, being
              explicit. Not something hidden, beginners
              would not understand easyly.

              Creating a nukes component must be simple.
              Though we will not prevent module developpers
              from bringing their own things.

              Now there's an interception stack. The same
              in jboss model mbean. One custom interceptor
              to integrate lifecycle management.

              The stack begin from invoke operation
              defined in DynamicMBean and forward
              to methods developped by module creator.
              Last interceptor is the dispatcher that does
              the job. All these come from org.jboss.mx to
              avoid reiventing the wheel.

              Since we are using JMX it fits very well.


              • 4. Re: Lost password module integrated
                Roberto Saccon Newbie

                the roadmap sounds very interesting, so I will do another small module:

                Admin_Messages : allow the admin to leave a message visible to all users on website

                another thing I was thinking abput was Flash Integration (I am involved at another project with EJB and JMX invocation from flash client via decoded binary Macromedia AMF protocol) . With this, flash-designer community could drop in GUI components for WYSIWYG-Editor, Instant Messaging, and similar. Or is there any reason Nukes should stick just to HTML ?

                • 5. Re: Lost password module integrated
                  Viet Master

                  very cool rsacon, I am glad to see you there.

                  flash thing seems interesting, could
                  you explain more what it does and how ?

                  would that be possible to have both : html and flash ?

                  I did not watch that module carrefully, so I don't know hoe messages are provided within nukes. is the message broadcaster component a Block ?

                  please explain it sounds great


                  • 6. Re: Lost password module integrated
                    Roberto Saccon Newbie


                    first, the admin module has nothing to do with the flash-ideas, that would be an overkill.

                    About flash, I will try to explain:
                    It can be mixed with HTML, (like for example www.macromedia.com), of course main part should be HTML, because Flash is bad to bookmark and for search engine indexing). But cool things can be done with flash (for example flash petshop: http://examples.macromedia.com/petmarket/flashstore_800.html)
                    Flash accepts incoming XML-data socket connection from the server where it was downloaded, this makes it a candidate for a Nukes instant messaging component (and JMS on the serverside) and what else is interesting is flash remoting, for remote invocation of EJB's, POJOs and JMX. Its using propietary binary protocol called AMF, but the protocol is no mystery, several sourceforge projects have decoded AMF, I am a developer of one of them (Open AMF). And flash is on 98% of all Browsers.

                    But flash has also a lot of disadvantages. When flash is mixed with HTML, in case of a WYSIWYG-Editor (http://www.joshdura.com/archives/000163.php click on SWF preview), and instead of submitting the edited text inside the flash application, you click on a HTML link, and then you click the back button, then you have lost the edited text. And Flash has a VERY UGLY programming language called actionscript, it is like javascript. And the propitetary Macromedia IDE is only good for the graphic stuff, for actionscript programming there are no tools comparable to java.
                    To sum up: applets have completly failed, HTML is ugly beacuse of the page refreshes and flash is propietary stuff.


                    • 7. Re: Lost password module integrated
                      Viet Master

                      ok, I understand.

                      your idea is simply great.

                      What we can do is two front end for messaging, one in flash and a simple one in HTML. user then can set its preference.

                      I am not sure for JMS we have top discuss about it. I like the idea to have async call for messaging.

                      How do you see JMS integrated here ? is that really a need ? please explain it. We cannot create a queue per user (I am not a JMS specialist)

                      I see only interest in JMS with async call, but I am not usre it would be helpfull there.
                      If we create a MessageEJB with a field containing target userId it would be enough, wouldn't be ?

                      Then we can use finder + ORDER BY in JBossQL :
                      findMessagesByUserId(). We can even get a subset with limit/offset support in JBossQL.

                      When page reload, does flash reload component as well or does stay in the same state ? I would prefer second of course.

                      Nukes security could play a great role there also.

                      There's supposed to be a messaging module in postnuke I think.

                      Anyway I am very excited about it. If you need help I can work on it with you, though I have many other things to do.


                      • 8. Re: Lost password module integrated
                        Roberto Saccon Newbie

                        I have just finished another Module, the admin messages module, it's attached.
                        How do I fix a bug in the lostPassword module ? Do you give me CVS access (my sourceforge username is rsaccon) ? Because only now I have understood the nukes security and string externalization concept.

                        About the flash integration. When page reloads, flash looses state, therefore its not usable for heavy-input-stuff like WYSISYG-Editor. The messaging maybe can be based on the upcomig JB4 remoting async invocation, I agree that JMS would be an overkill. Well, my next module will contain some experimental flash stuff, and then we can see how or whether at all it fits into nukes.

                        • 9. Re: Lost password module integrated
                          Roberto Saccon Newbie

                          now it should be attaches