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    Hotdeply / String handling issues

    Roberto Saccon Newbie

      While writing the admin messages module I discovered that hot deploy does not work (3.2.0.RC4), I have to restart JBoss after every change. Is something with my setup wrong or do others have the same problem ?

      How do we handle strings ? In my first module I wrote them directly into print commands, but this is a maintenance nightmare. Now I use constants. Then it is easier to reuse the PHP-define-stuff. But if we externalize Strings into property files, it would be even easier to reuse the PHP-stuff and text-maintenance, translating into other languages could be done without accessing java-files. Or have I overseen something?


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          Viet Master

          I haven't noticed anything on deployment, except that sometimes I have to undeploy before redeploying, otherwirse themes stop just after having been deployed.

          yes it's already done. Look at module core for instance.

          In src/resources/nukes-lib-jar/...../core
          there is a dir languages that contains a property file.

          Then if you want to use it : you use
          the string : ${core.MYKEY}, again look at
          class CoreModule.java

          There is also a parser that converts php file
          to property files :

          php file are like :


          executing parser will create a property file.