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    Richfaces.hideModalPanel/showModalPanel functions

    Felix Pure Newbie

      i found that those function is usefull for me but i have a problem with the way that i call them.

      i have a commandButton that in onClick I call to show function. but the server validation still not run. so i want to run those function only when the server send back a successful message. (maybe i can call them from the server action/actionListener methods?)?

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          Daniel Soneira Novice

          The validation is not done because you call a simple javascript method "Richfaces.showModalPanel" that only does what it should do - show the modal panel.

          When exactly do you want the validation to take place - after you submit your data in your modal panel?

          Or do you want to show the panel ONLY if there are no validation errors?

          Please give us more information (code snippets) - since I can't understand what your problem is.