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    Attachments have disappeared


      I noticed that the attachments from forum threads have disappeared (probably during the web site changes). Could these be restored please. There were useful documents there on the FAQ forum that are now no longer available.

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          well done, I will integrate it soon.

          for cvs access send a mail to scott stark which is cvs admin and ask him to give you RW access, telling him you join the Nukes project after 2 contributions.

          Please also subscribe at least to cvs-commit mailling list so you can track updates that other people are doing on nukes.

          Good for security. Not that hard but tricky.

          So message flash component is stateless and have to reconnect each time to fetch messages and doing its stuff. Why not, we should have both HTML and flash and let the user choose what he wants to use. Marc is very excited about flash :-)

          If you want async you can do simple async maybe with a thread pool. Or you can use a simple JMS stuff, I don't see anything bad about it. Or maybe we can simply step over async and put messages in a queue per user.

          We won't jump onto jb4 right now, because we target 3.2 series which is a very good in my mind. AOP
          will be cool.

          When jb4 will be out and stable with lof of features, ok.

          We like experimental stuff, keep us dreaming and welcome on board.


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            you are right, I forgot to copy them during deployment.

            Hopefully I kept a backup and merged old attachements with the actual ones. Could you check if it works now ?