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    FAQ Module first version

    Noel Rocher Apprentice

      Hi all,

      Here is a FAQ module in its very first version.
      I have some things to complete as :
      - Security (need more time to learn)
      - I18N (all words are hard coded)
      - text column are varchar 256 with hsqldb
      - remembering tree state

      Try it !

      All comments are Welcome.
      Jmatt, tell me if it is interesting to continue with my module or if you think yours is more advanced.


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          Matt Smith Newbie

          I had to go to DC for the week. All I got done was the EJB's. Continue on. I guess I should shut up and code. I'll have a look at it tonight.

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            Matt Smith Newbie

            Your code looks good. I'll have a look at the weblinks module since you finished the faq. Good Job! or as buzz would say "way to go idaho!".



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              Viet Master

              guys, that's cool, it's the third 4th module contibution.
              we expect more to come.

              did you notice the new logo on the website ?
              I find it pretty cool.

              I also like the way we are using forums and that's important to do all our stuff here. So communication is not scattered across melling list + private emails.

              If someone is interested in improving "journal module" we need it. The module (I coded it) is a raw port of postnuke. But it has serious lacks : no security for instance. some bugs also.

              we did that for html module which was very basic. We added versionning and the module is very much more powerfull. we can go a step beyond.

              Noel, jmatt if you are further interested please go on. We need guys like you for nukes.


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                Roberto Saccon Newbie

                Most part of the logo I like, but NOT the background picture, which looks like those signs on nuclear weapons.
                About the journal module, for the user, I think it should look like a typical weblog webapp, with a calendar at top left or right, where visitors can see which days contain entries, and clicking on the day for getting to these entries. Or should JBoss Nukes look like Postnukes (expect of themes) ? Opinions ?


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                  Matt Smith Newbie

                  I like the new logo. For motivation I set it as my background on my desktop.


                  I like your idea about a calendar being incorporated with the journal. Maybe it coulld be a separate module with hooks so it could be used in other places. I guess a generalized hyperlinked calendar is what I am thinking. Maybe? What do you think?



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                    Matt Smith Newbie

                    Juha's post about attachements missing got me thinking that maybe the faq should be able to include attachments with the answer. The postnuke faq does not, but it seems the jboss faq has made exstensive use of this feature. That would be my feature request. All we would need is to come up with a way to organize the attachments whether is be on the file system or in the database. That is my feature request. Any thoughts?

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                      Viet Master

                      maybe a calendar should be done as a block which displays only when invocation has been done on the journal module.

                      there is not structure yet for that (do we need one) but can be determined by inspecting the request parameter "module" set to "journal" value.


                      1. bugs must be fixed.

                      2. security must be added to prevent some people to post in blogs according to their rights.

                      3. the journal directory must be improved (the 20 1st most active blogs is not good)

                      4.do the calendar stuff

                      if someone wants to take it, please say it there and don't do blah blah about journal anymore until the 3th step is reached.

                      if someone does not take it, I will do it (later) because this is a real need for us.