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    I do journal module

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      Mainly the discussion has end with:

      (warjort): all is OK. If you have a problem then:
      (1) You probably don't know how to package your application(s), and I suspect that you can't programm anyway.
      (2) Speed is all. JBoss behaviour is no 100% to the specs but fast.
      (3) If you really vexed, just get the ByValueInvoker in or wait for Hierachical Loader Repository.

      Moraelin has supported my point of view and added:
      (1) What libraries (other Classes) are used within a (packed) component is an implementation detail and calling component should not bother.
      (2) Speed is not all. Develoment time is expensive, too. And there is also the option to buy a piece of software that does more what you expect.

      I strongly agree with Moraelin. It is questionable if JBoss would run 10 times slower with a more appropriate ClassLoader solution. As I said before optimation are possible within a component. (By the way - this is the main reason why I don't like the ByValueInvoker idea that much.)

      Hierachical Loader sounds good. But I'm afraid that they will be implemented along the lines of
      http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_id=3852655 . To me this looks like a very complex solution with limited useability.

      However, discussion has loose sight of the main point a little. I really think that a good software should make easy things going easy and complex things possible. A component model is superior to the traditional object model because dependencies are diminished. JBoss behaviour is definitifly not what a normal JBoss user expects. He may be right or wrong, a lousy programmer or packer/deployer. But deploying this kind of components should be POSSIBLE in STANDARD configuration.

      The sad part of this is not that I can't get JBoss to go this way. The bad is that it is possible but it needs a JBoss guru to do so. All this because of speed considerations. Guru's should do the optimization! Normal JBoss user should just drop their components in the deploy folder.

      JBoss could do much better than it is doing right now.