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    The need for a template based rendering?

    Alex Shneyderman Newbie

      I am in the process of integrating lucene as a module and came accross the inconvenience of page.print (%html goes here%); statements. I was wondering if there is any plans to move more towards some kind of templating rendering?

      I am not suggesting any solutions here, I was just wondering if there is any thinking in that direction and if there is what are your thoughts guys?


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          Viet Master

          if you want to forward your module/block invocation to a template engine you can do it. nothing prevent you from doing that :

          for instance, you can have a template service let's say VelocityService if you like it and use it from your module to render the content.

          We are supposed to add support for jsp as module/block but don't have enough time to do it.
          files would be database stored and compiled into classes. then a module invocation could be mapped to a class method that would be executed.