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    Several Nukes - 1 server

    Thomas Heute Master

      I have a question regarding installing several nukes for several users on one JBoss server.

      How could i do that ?

      I'd like Bob, Lisa, and John to have their own Nukes, but John Lisa and John share the same machine with the same JBoss... Any easy way to do that ?

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          feasible, each nukes requires an MBeanServer to hook in.

          so far, the MBeanServer used is jboss one, but nothing prevent to have a more general service hooked in jboss that would create an )MBeanServer + nukes instance) on demand : mapping instance name to MBeanServer, funny.

          that would be a super (in sense of meta) configuration of nukes.

          the very first nukes impl was creating an MBeanServer in the NukeServlet create(). Finally we decided to use jboss one.


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            alainmg Newbie

            I am fairly new with the MBeanServer part.
            So I thought I could just register all the objects from different nuke instances with different application name.

            I get the following error when trying to deploy the different jars. My trace log is included within this message.

            Of course it may also be due to the fact that my .xml files are not right.

            If I were to create an MBeanServer for each nukes instance, where could I find a good example.

            Is there any chance that this feature could be integrated by into the mainstream???

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              Joachim Van der Auwera Expert

              Would it not be possible to do this by tagging the components with a virtual server name.

              I once (though quite a while back) had the idea to change the data source name into something different the NukesDS and it seems this is not something you can configure in one place. Now if the records in the database also get a vertual server field, then that problem is also solved.