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    Compared to jetspeed...

    John Waldron Newbie


      I recently began a project to build a portal with Jetspeed. One of the first steps I did was get Jetspeed running on JBoss...and it works. But then I came across this project today and, given my bias for JBoss projects, I find this one more appealing.

      Any opinions on Jetspeed vs. Nukes on JB? Is this project still too young to consider for deployment in a production setting with hundreds of users?


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          Viet Master

          I don't know jetspeed very well, so I cannot compare. We want to offer postnuke fucntionnalities with J2EE scalabilty.

          Even though Nukes is very young, it's tailored for production :

          Nukes powers this website for 6 weeks and we didn't have any big problems. It scales well : our box is sleeping all the time with the configuration 1500 visitors + 50 members.