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    Group Module Finished

    Noel Rocher Apprentice


      Here is the Group Module. (a class and 2 resources US & FR)

      - I didn't include the jboss-service.xml (nuke-sar) where you should add the mbean part for the group module (copy and past from above mbean).

      - Didn't remember if you already add a findAll method on GroupEJB but it's required (ORDER BY g.name)

      - Please, can u add a unique index on group name (unicity is tested in postNuke).

      I continue on FAQ module that should be finished soon (I've undestood a lot of things with Group Module).


      PS : for internationalization we talked about in an other forum, we should consider that the name is part of the security checks (test_instance of Api.secAuthAction(...)