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    portal/CMS options - nuke, metadot, jetspeed...

    darren hartford Expert

      Hi all,
      I looked briefly through and could not find a reference to discussion regarding other protals/CMS, so starting one! :-)

      First, I'm sure most people concerned about portal software in Java are aware of JSR-168. Reference can be found here:

      Also, in comparison, there are many CMS and Portal solutions available, both Java and non-Java, and even those java those that are EJB based or something else.

      Also, for reference and ideas, many other open-source CMS/Portals available, whether true portal, more CMS, or toolkit related to portals/CMS: Turbine, Metadot, various Nukes, Jetspeed, and related sites like Jcorporate and Jahia.

      Down and dirty:
      What is the goal of the "Nukes on JBoss" project, simply to re-make PHPNuke/related Nuke for running on JBoss, *or* is the goal to have a supporting CMS/Portal based on EJB standards that is capable of running on JBoss?

      Just trying to open up this forum for discussion to make sure going the right direction!