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    component persistence embryon


      I've commited component persistence embryon.

      There is a new service JDBCPersistenceManagerMBean that is able to :

      deploy a component from scratch, that means not from a .sar. it will be stored in the database and changes will persist over restart.

      When it will work flawlessly, that will serve to create/remove blocks from scratch and persists module changes like security rules for instance.

      that's still very basic and should be buggy. so you're welcome to play with it and give me feedbacks.
      All properties are persisted or nothing. but that will be improved, maybe based on a pattern like if you want a field to be persistent you do :

      public void pSetValue(int value) { ... }
      public int pGetValue(int value) { ... }

      when component is created that would tell that the field is supposed to be persisted. any thought ?

      so far, that works for Blocks. there is an example
      with module test that can create or remove a block called test that is persisted.

      Also there might be problem with classloaders. that means that if the persisted services is deployed before its class is available it will fail. I will add notifications from the loader repository that will be able to know when a new library is deployed and deploy the remaining services. Unfortunately support for this is broken in 3.2.0RC4 and fixed in the 3.2.1. So that will require to jump to 3.2.1. A good thing. I keep you all informed about that.