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    Logging in through forums

    Kjetil Helle Newbie

      I've noticed that the Main Menu and the forum is behaving kind of... funky... together...

      First off, I'm using Mozilla 1.4b. What I'm experiencing is that if I start up a fresh browser window (not cached or anything) and visit the Jboss site, I can click on everything but the "Forums" top menu link, and the Main Menu will show the login form all the time. But as soon as I click on "Forums" (http://www.jboss.org/jive.jsp) I get logged in both in the "Forums" and in the "Main Menu". I think that I should be logged through the Main Menu as soon as I visit the site the first time.

      I haven't looked into it, but it may be a cookie thing or something related, I don't know.