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    Commited changes

    Yanik Crépeau Newbie

      I have commited some changes with the CVS (sourceforge) server. These changes have most impact on the build (ant) process.

      1. The build.xml file has been edited to make more javadoc documentations (private methods and instances are now documented).

      2. The ./tools/etc/buildfragment/task.ent has been changed to suppress the "unsuported tag" useless and anoying warning messages in the javadoc task (for JDK 1.4 only - previous version still have the annoying warning messages).

      3. Javadoc comments added to NukeServlet code (entry point in the Nuke environement) to explain the actual path of the execution chain.

      4. Javadoc comment added to Page code in complement of the above.

      5. Better support of localization (i18n) added to Page to use getLocales() instead of getLocale(). If the Local in the top of the list (getLocale()) is not supported, it tries for the next one and loop until a supported locale is found. If none of the Locale in the user's list is supported, Locale.US is used as it was before.

      6. The nukes-war.mf file (in ./nukes/etc) was just a copy of nukes-sar.mf. Sar and war mf files are not compatible, so the build process was broken. Corrected.