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    CoreModule: commit changes

    Yanik Crépeau Newbie

      Attributes like site-name, slogan, default theme etc. etc. were hard-coded in the CoreModule.jave file. This is not the case anymore.

      The <NUKE_DEV>/nukes/src/resources/nukes-sar/META-INF/jboss-service.xml file now contains a bunch a attributes that are dynamically loaded when the CoreModule mbean is created.

      Many private methods have been added.

      The buildConfigVars() method fills the configVars HashMap (configVars has been used for a long while) with the appropriate data.

      The getInitParameter(paramName, defaultValue) does the job to dig the XML file (jboss-service.xml) for the appropriate stuff. getInitParameter(...) is generic, it takes a String for paramName and and Object for defaultValue (defaultValue is returned if something goes wrong). Other methods like getStringInitParameter(String,String), getIntegerInitParameter(String,int) and getBooleanInitParameter(String,boolean) return a String, an java.lang.Integer or a java.lang.Boolean respectivelly.

      Oh yeah... I have added some javadoc comments, added some regular comments and tried to stick to the coding convention.