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    commited nukes component persistence changes

    Viet Master

      I commited modifs, so now core modules config var are persisted in the database. this is experimental and you can turn it off it it hinders you.

      Persistence is done in the table nuke_services_attributesm they PK is the objectName + the attribute Name. Persisted values are in text format instead of serialization, so it enables better visibility and hand made modifications.

      When the component (block or module) is created, it will be filled by the values in the mbean tag.

      Then the component is deployed that means create and start steps.

      During start step, the component is synched against the database. If the attribute exists in the databasem it is loaded and replace the default value, if it does not exists, the current value (that means the one in tag of jboss-service.xml) is written in the database.

      Later when an attribute is changed if the attribute exists in the databasem its value is updated otherwise the value is inserted.

      Values are persisted in text format :
      1.if the value is a org.w3c.dom.Element instance it is XML serialized as a document.
      2.if a javabean property editor is found for the value then it is used to do the conversion.
      3.otherwise the attribute is not handled.

      This is still a bit experimental but it seems to works rather fine.