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    How to enable module for public access

    fb2 Newbie

      I've started to create my module based on the template module in CVS.
      It works just fine, however the module is only accessible from the main menu for the "admin" user.
      How can I enable it for public access?

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          Viet Master

          you have to declare in throuth the Configuration attribute in the jboss-service.xml.

          <!-- Declare the template module as a JBoss service -->


          <!-- This declares the main operation as public -->
          <!-- and it will be shown in the main menu -->

          description="Template module"

          yo enable it for public access you have to add a security rule :

          <group-permission permission="0/READ/core:menu:/menu:template:main"/>

          or you can also modify the rule :

          <group-permission permission="0/READ/core:menu:/menu:(journal|faq):main"/>


          <group-permission permission="0/READ/core:menu:/menu:(journal|faq|template):main"/>