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    jsr 170 and generic tree storage


      take a look on the overview of jsr 170 at : http://www.theserverside.com/resources/article.jsp?l=JavaOneDayFour_03

      I was thinking doing the same kind of thing for nukes. The goal is to avoid to do as many EJBs as we have modules and have better interractions between them.

      I think that we can have a generic storage, that means a tree with versionning and localisation. Plus we can act on list for the parent-child relationship, that means for me getting a limit/offset of the children.
      Each node would have properties also.

      for instance the module html would use the path : /html/id where id the the id currently used in nukes html module. A lot of modules can fit in there.

      Also that would enable a generic commenting scheme by allowing directed relationship between nodes. The module comment would contains node and each node would comment another node by a link.

      Please give me your opinion. Modules are growing and we always have the same kind of structure repeating in each.