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    news modules submitted

    Viet Newbie

      Finally I manage to submit the module news for nukes,
      but there is a little code to put in this module yet.

      This is a complicated module because it gathers some modules from the postnuke core, these ps-modules was so tied that it was better to gather them in one.
      So the modules gathered are :
      o topics
      o news
      o submit news
      o nsComments
      o nsAddStory

      One disturbing thing about this module is the url to activate each sub modules because I didn't find a way to
      put in the main menu more than one link, maybe cooper will tell me how to do that ...

      Now I'll give you a little word about how to enjoy this module :
      - First of all news are gathered under a topic ... you must create one topic for posting news
      here the url to create a topic (note that you are supposed to have admin rights to do that) :

      Once a topic is created you can post a news :

      Once a news is posted the admin must moderate it:
      follow the link in this page, and post the you can post the news that was submited

      Now you can view all the news that where posted :
      or follow the link in the main menu

      Once here you can view the news posted, and you have the possibility to make comments with the navbar

      So that's all for this
      I will continue to code on this module because it is not yet finished and needs some feedbacks too

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          Viet Newbie

          oooppsss ... have you seen the errors in the urls ....
          replace the '&' by a '?' after index.html

          sorry : )

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            jkester Newbie

            I managed to deploy news, login as admin and create topics, news, submit news.
            From the admin page I can see the published news. From anonymous users or normal users I can't see any news. There is no link, nor a direct call to module=news&op=newsindexpage works. Just a white page is returned, with nothing in it.
            What am I doing wrong here? Some access rights?

            Regards, Jan

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              Viet Master

              are you logged as admin ?


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                Viet Master

                I mean when you log as admin you should have 3 links for the news module. one allow you to create a topic, another to submit a news and the last one to process it.


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                  jkester Newbie

                  As admin I can see/use all the mentioned functionality. Only, after having added news, it is only visible to admin.
                  Logging out and looking as a normal user, or as an anonymous user, I can't see the new news items.
                  Neither by a link, neither by calling the module explicitly.

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                    Viet Master

                    you have to add permissions rules to nukes for anonymous and users. it ha not been done, I should do it soon for the default config.


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                      jkester Newbie


                      so far it is fun to sort out all these things. Though I have to admit is not that easy. Just added some logging of log4j :-).

                      OK, found out that the permissions are set in the nukes jboss-service.xml.
                      Added lines for anonymous:
                      <group-permission permission="0/READ/core:menu:/menu:news:newsindexpage"/>
                      <group-permission permission="0/READ/news::/::"/>

                      The upper line indeed adds the news entry to my menu. The lower line doesn't seem to do anything. I was hopening it would give proper permissions.

                      However, still when I select module=news&op=newsindexpage from admin, I see a list of news, doing the same for anonymous I get a white page.

                      I added a debug line in the NewsModule newsindexpage method and it does get till there.

                      Any idea what I do wrong? How should I set the proper permissions?

                      Regards, Jan

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                        Viet Master

                        module is still early commited, we are improving it now and debugging it as well.

                        security scheme will probably change soon and once finished I will modify nukes security to allow anonymous user to read news, registered to post and admin to admin.