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    How to deploy other modules?

    jkester Newbie


      I notice that the nukes src project contains a lot of modules that are not automatically deployed when building and deploying nukes as mentioned in the tutorial.
      For instance from the jmx I only see available the following modules:

      * name=core
      * name=group
      * name=html
      * name=lostpassword
      * name=test
      * name=user
      * name=youraccount

      Now I wanted to deploy the journal module, and went to the journal subdir, and tried both with ant deploy as well, with build.sh deploy to get this module deployed.
      It does copy a nukes-journal.ear to the deploy directory, but fails the deployment with the message:

      status: Deployment FAILED reason: create operation failed for packag e file:/usr/local/jboss-3.2.2RC1/server/default/tmp/deploy/tmp15631nuk es-faq.ear-contents/nukes-faq.sar; - nested throwable: (javax.manageme nt.InstanceNotFoundException: nukes.modules:name=faq is not registered .)

      I checked the copied nukes-journal.ear file and it contains a META-INF, a *ejb.jar, *lib.jar and *.sar files/dirs.

      How should I deploy properly? What am I doing wrong?

      Regards, Jan.