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    nukes updates

    Viet Master

      resource cache has changed (no more a weakhashmap) to a LRU policy cache parametrizable through mbeans attributes like min size, max size, also flushable via jmx.

      security also has been enhanced :

      0.the most important, the security group matching are based now on the group name instead of group id.

      1.security levels are now defined by an enum class : org.jboss.nukes.security.Level

      2.format of config has changed :
      now one has to use the following :

      _ <permission group="..." component-pattern="..." instance-pattern="..." level="..."/>

      _ <permission group="..." component-pattern="...">


      in both case group in optional. if the group is ommited then it defines the rule for anonymous users.

      the second case allow to define several rules in one time. it improves also a little bit the performances as the component pattern will be matched one time (was not the motivation though :-) )