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    Taking Nukes one step further

    charlieg Newbie

      Nukes has user and group management, messaging techniques (forms), basic documents (journals), a good security model, and is efficient.

      I've been looking at OpenGroupware.org, and it is horrible to install, is in Objective-C, has many things missing from it and really isn't much more than a contact and calendering module or two on top of Nukes.

      I'm seeing potential. Potential for Nukes to evolve into that missing OSS groupware package that everybody needs. It has a solid foundation and a motivated team.

      Is there potential for this? Should I join the developer mail lists. I want to help develop an OSS groupware server but there is not anything worthwhile out there and I do not have the ability / audacity to create something from nothing.

      Shut me down early if I'm shooting blanks here. I'm downloading the source, I see potential for evolution with Nukes. It could be another shiney feather in that already laden JBoss cap.