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    IMPORTANT : more changes

    Viet Master

      okay, I refactored a bit the core.

      I added two interfaces : NukesRequest extends HttpServletRequest and NukesResponds extends HttpServletResponse. The Page object implements both interfaces.

      This is the first step to a move to the servlet usage, so it wouold be :

      myOperation(NukesRequest req, NukesResponse resp) instead of myOperation(Page page)

      any objections ?

      The main change now is the get/setAttribute on the page object. It does not have the same meaning. Before the change it was the way to get/set attributes to the user session. Now to do that one must do page.getSession(). get/setAttribute()

      I corrected all the modules and hope I did not break something.

      That will facilitate the JSP integration a bit. But that's not the goal.