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    build from snapshot broken

    Joachim Van der Auwera Expert

      When trying to build from a snapshot I downloaded about half an hour ago, I get errors

      [execmodules] C:\java\nukes-snapshot\nukes\src\main\org\jboss\nukes\resources\InputStreamResource.java:22: cannot resolve symbol
      [execmodules] symbol : class StreamResource
      [execmodules] location: class org.jboss.nukes.resources.InputStreamResource
      [execmodules] extends StreamResource
      [execmodules] ^
      [execmodules] C:\java\nukes-snapshot\nukes\src\main\org\jboss\nukes\resources\InputStreamResource.java:48: cannot resolve symbol
      [execmodules] symbol : variable manager
      [execmodules] location: class org.jboss.nukes.resources.InputStreamResource
      [execmodules] manager.finished(this);
      [execmodules] ^
      [execmodules] 2 errors

      It seems the Streamresource file is missing (ViewCVS does not show it either). I know anon and viewcvs are about 24 hours behind, but it still seems that there is a missing file (or the 24h delay sourceforge claim is wrong).