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    Nukes Forum Module

    Danny Thornton Novice

      Has anyone developed a message forum module for Nukes yet? I grabbed Nukes from CVS and thought I would get a message forum module but after playing with the Nukes Administrator and reading a few forum messages it looks like this was something to be done over the summer.
      I developed a J2EE message forum awhile ago but wanted to swap the one I have for the JBoss forum. Now I know the JBoss forums is Jives.


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          Viet Master

          Yes, I am still working on it, it will be delivered this month in alpha. It is the port of phpbb 2.0.5 (or 2.5 I don't remember). I have the code close to be ready to be commited.

          BTW we are still looking for developers for Nukes.


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            Danny Thornton Novice

            I might be able to help you test what you are currently working on. Have you looked into the portlet spec?


            Nukes seems similar to portlets. Any plans to marry portlets with Nukes in the future?


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              Viet Master

              For the forums, I will commit this week or next week probably, I still have to remove some odd bugs.

              For the portlet spec, yes I looked at it, some concept are similar and we may want to borrow some of it. Nukes would be a portlet manager.

              The thing that worries me is the tight integration with the web shit, meaning I want to be able to deploy a portlet without having a war. Anyway I did not investigate a lot. The portlet spec seems easy to implement, everybody that implemented it, said it was done quickly.

              A portlet seems to be a mix of module + block.

              In portlet, AFAIR, there are two invocatin per portlet : handle the action, render the portlet. If you compare it with nukes, we have action + render in one shot. I have to reread the spec carefyllu to see what good can be extracted from it.


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                Ramiro Gonzalez Newbie

                What I should do in order to enrollme as Nuke's Developer?


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                  Viet Master

                  We need someone to do the security management module. There are some posts in that forum that explain how security works. In addition you have to know how to do a nukes module (fairly easy).

                  If you have any question, you can post here, I will answer.


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                    David Anderson Newbie

                    Any ETA on the alpha release of forums module? I have a small site and I have been itching to start helping to identify issues with this module on my site. No rush I would like it to be somewhat usable but I would like to help test it and get it production ready.


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                      Viet Master

                      it's coming soon, very soon. This will be usable, if you can use it this is good, you will be able to participate to debug it. We will use it as well on jboss.org site.


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                        krypton Novice


                        Is there a list of features the forum provides ?
                        e.g nntp integration ... etc ... or a comparison of its features vs jive ?



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                          Viet Master

                          I can compare only with jive 2.6 which is the version on the website that I know.

                          what is done so far :

                          SMTP integration : server -> client
                          Watching topic replies
                          Search engine
                          Nukes integration : security, users, groups, etc...
                          Better and simpler UI : moderation, admin

                          Really it is a copy of phpbb 2.0.5, minus the some things like isntant messages, avatars and smilies.

                          what I plan to the near future :

                          Extended SMTP integration : client->server : you can answer a topic by sending an email to the Nukes server.
                          Watching forum posts
                          Bug fixes

                          for the future after the near future :

                          NNTP : I don't know anything about it, so if you are courageous, just join the coding team.

                          of yes, I was forgotting, this is open source and we won't f**k you.