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    blogger module

    Shawn Stephens Newbie

      There are several blogger-like modules in jboss nukes. However none of them have RSS support or xml-rpc posting to my knowledge. I would like to create a module for blogging that will support RSS for each members blog as well as xml-rpc posting, and other common functions of current blogs. I will eventually support http://www.intertwingly.net/wiki/pie/RoadMap when it matures. How can I get my own node in the nukes cvs to begin development? I am thinking about just calling this the blog module. Please let me know if someone is already working on something like this. I searched for blog on the forums and found very little.


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          Viet Master

          There is the journal module which is a blog. It has the basic feature of a blog. The web interface stinks. So you are welcome to do this one, you can either start from scratch or improve the existing journal.

          For the RSS, there is support in Nukes for RSS, there is just a need to connect a module to the module. There is an example of how it is done in the news module which exports news as RSS.

          Iff you want create a new module, provide the code, I will import it (I prefer this method rather than, adding everything, it's neater) and will give you RW access to the CVS. It does not need to be complete but at least I need the build structure (build files, src/main, src/resources, etc...). If you want improve the journal module, I will give you RW access too.