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    Why my theme doesn't show any blocks?

    Zbigniew Ogledzki Newbie

      Hi guys,
      My question is what I have to code/write in deploy descriptor to see blocks?
      I successfully wrote a theme, module and a block. I packed them in my.domain.package java package and jar them in one .sar archive (with jboss-service.xml). Next, I copy the .sar file into jboss/server/default/nukes directory.
      Effect? In any standard theme I can use my module and block. They are ok.
      But, when I change the theme to my new theme I can only see a module (any, not only mine) content. I am using page.blocks(..), but they never return any content, and my block(Page,int, Block,int) method is never called.
      What I done wrong, or what a didn't do?
      regards, zgibek