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    user access and themes

    tom jansto Newbie

      morning folk,
      when i add a new theme, it seems to work fine with one exception. if a user is not a member of the admin group, they can not see the theme name in the list to select from. in checking the UserModule.java source, the line

      if (api.secAuthAction("user:theme:", name + "::", Constants.SEC_ACCESS_READ))

      is returning false for the new theme i am adding if the user belongs to the user group, but true if an admin user. i haven't found anywhere else to specify the level access except in the jboss-service.xml file, which is as follows:

      and the mbean deployment is listed as :


      i appreciate the effort put into this project, and any help i might get in this matter.


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          Viet Master

          you should check that the name of the standard theme is "standard" in the JMX console first

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            tom jansto Newbie

            already did that, and it shows up correctly. to validate i also compared it with the jmx-console settings with the extralite theme, and they appear exactly the same, same operations on the mbean, and the same parameters for each of those members. on the jmx-console page, the jboss.management.local section shows


            and under the nukes.themes section


            or are you telling me that the theme name of 'standard' is already used some where else in the jboss code base?

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              Viet Master

              look at the "name" attribute in the module JMX properties

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                tom jansto Newbie

                i also already checked that. they were the same format and pattern as the extralite, seabreeze, and invaders. as a test, i created another theme, to be sure i didn't miss something in the deployment of the first. it behaved exactly as the first theme i created. everything is fine for admin, but it is inaccessible on the chgthemes page for group user. i can set the default for the user group to either of the themes i added, but the user can't select them to change their theme on their own. this really is no big deal, as i will lock the theme to what i want them to have (much like jboss does), but i just didn't understand the behaviour.