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    mapping nukes/modules/html/fileid to html module.

    David Anderson Newbie

      I am trying to figure out how the html modules catches the URL nukes/modules/html/fileid and displays the particular file. I have scanned through the HtmlModule.java file and I dont see anything that jumps out at me. Can you point me at a object and method that I should be looking at for an example of this behavior????


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          Viet Master

          actually, this takes place in the NukesServlet which is the entry point of the process. When the servlet get the request, it try to figure out
          wether this is a module invocation, index.html?module=xxx&op=yyy, in that case it invokes the right module otherwise, it forwards the call to the html module by faking the request, it adds 3 parameters : module=html, op=display and id= the string computed from the URL.