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    news module

    Viet Master

      I have started to rework the news module with the template stuff, this is very boring believe me :-). so this module will be in the rc2 plus some bug fixes as well.

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          David Anderson Newbie

          You looking at adding capability for news module to display its index with a URL like the html module? http://xxxxx/nukes/modules/news/index for example..

          Anyway, I will still look at how to implement this just for my knowledge and mayby in the future I can be of assistance.. :)


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            Viet Master

            yes this clearly should be done and should not be that difficult to implement.

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              Viet Master

              I have moved a lot of stuff from the bb module to the common library, so it will be possible to reuse that in the news module.

              So the bb module is lighter because the HTML analyzer, the BB code and the censorship filter have moved here, the build process is a little bit faster because the javacc task is not ran anymore :-)

              We are moving toward the 1.0RC2 that I hope to release at the end of the month/beginning of february.