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    Installshield, need little help

    Noel Rocher Apprentice

      Hi all,

      May I ask to some kind people to produce modules' setup.xml files from the setup.ddl ?

      the setup.xml should look like :

       | The nukes core module
      < module name="core" description="Core Module">
       | hsqldb, mysql, ...
       < database name="mysql" description="MySQL">
       | Describes logically the set of statements it encloses
       | ex: "creates core tables" or "Inserts default data" ...
       < action name="install_all" description="Install all to an empty database">
       < statement name="users" description="Creates Users Table">[CDATA[CREATE TABLE Users ... ]]</statement>
       < statement name="groups" description="Creates Groups Table">[CDATA[CREATE TABLE Groups... ]]</statement>
       < /action>
       < /database>
      < /module>

      (I put a space character in opening tags of elements in the code above to make them appear )

      See the module element in setup-sample.xml from


      I will commit a sample running version this WE
      (Hey Tom you will be happy)