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    bb template constants

    jae Master


      "jae77" wrote:
      how were the template tokens for the bb theme choosen?

      ie: U_INDEX, L_INDEX?

      i've added thee category name to the "breadcrumb" trail, ie: Jboss -> Nukes on Jboss -> Development and i want to make sure my tokens match any format/pattern that is being used.

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          jae Master


          "jae77" wrote:
          also, how are tokens such as this ${bb.Edited_time_total_0} replaced? i've been poking around a bit, but i'm not having any luck.

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            Viet Master


            "cooper" wrote:
            some tokens are replaced on a per user basis : the thread creating the DelegateContext object stuff it with the values.

            root.put("FORUM_NAME", forum.getName());

            some tokens are replaced at a global level. that means that the Template object get them in another Context which is global to the Template object. They are defined at compile time (meaning when it is deployed and compiled into a Class) and the template compiler knows it has to do that when it get a property files associed.

            if the value is immutable (like ) it is setup there.

            if the value is changing (like number of users online), there are threads (Timer actually) that take the template object and update it at this global level. For instance :

            theme.setTemplateProperty(TPL_THEME_INDEX_BODY, "TOTAL_POSTS", totalPostsMessage);