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    Installshield, first usable version

    Noel Rocher Apprentice


      "noel.rocher" wrote:
      Hi all,

      I've committed the first usable version of the Installshield.

      Next I have to change the build a bit to use properties variables, add the xsl transform for all modules.

      Then I will start to work on the modules deployment.

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          Viet Master


          "cooper" wrote:
          great noel, looking forward for trying that

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            Sherman Wood Apprentice

            Postgres setup through the installer for all modules is done.

            Noel: have you been working on the full module deployment? Here are some of my thoughts:

            I would think that the installer WAR should have the core EAR and any available modules EARs in it, and when the module is selected to be deployed, then the module EAR should be moved into the nukes folder, after the database tables set up for the module has been done. Maybe some file system security issues here.

            The distrib build script should use module discovery to get to the database set up scripts, EARs etc.

            There should also be a way for folks to include their own modules into the installer.

            Any thoughts, Noel?


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              Noel Rocher Apprentice

              Hi all,

              I agree on all Sherman. Go !

              I've moved into a new job since a week. This is why I'm not working a lot for so long time.

              You can focus your work on what you described. It was what I had in my head.

              Then, to go further, we should think how to make modules available from internet. Julien told me that one time and I think it could be a pretty cool functionality.

              Thanks Sherman to work on this.