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    CVS does not build anymore

    Peter Tillemans Newbie

      I get build errors related to the ejbdoclet task.

      I tracked it to the dissapearance of the 'plastic' jboss libraries. The CVS log shows :
      revision 1.2
      date: 2004/01/30 06:02:30; author: starksm; state: dead; lines: +0 -0
      Remove this nonsense, whatever it is
      revision 1.1
      date: 2002/10/03 10:27:48; author: user57; state: Exp;
      branches: 1.1.1;
      Initial revision

      So this was a deliberate act of cleaning (or sabotage if you prefer ;-).

      A quick solution without patching is to override the jboss.plastic.lib property as follows :

      sh build.sh -Djboss.plastic.lib=$JBOSS_HOME/client all

      A more permanent solution would be to get the jboss-j2ee.jar relative from the JBOSS_HOME by setting the jboss.home property in the .../buildfragments/default.ent and defining the jboss.plastic.classpath as

      (then the setting of the jboss home can be removed of all build files : again 20 lines less to worry about)
      Just a suggestion,

      Peter Tilllemans

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          Peter Tillemans Newbie

          Oops, the html made my xml dissappear :

          <path id="jboss.plastic.classpath">
           <pathelement path="/client/jboss-j2ee.jar"/>

          Ok, I give up : I cannot get xml to display in the forum. If interested, look at the source of the page.

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            I think it is fixed now, isn't it ?

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              Peter Tillemans Newbie

              After a quick cvs update, everything builds fine again without additional commandline decorations.


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                Silas Brown Newbie

                It still doesn't build running the build.sh on sun solaris 2.8. I get a "can't resolve symbol XMLDocument" during a build with the current checkout. The crimson jar is in the right place but apparently no classpath to it.

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                  Silas Brown Newbie

                  Well I got it to work. I pulled down j2sdk1.4.2 for sparc solaris and now it builds. I thought that nukes was supposed to work with 1.3.X ( I was trying 1.3.1_01), if so then there must be some code in there that is 1.4 specific. Otherwise all is well.


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                    Howard Pearlmutter Novice

                    Assuming the current best way to get Nukes going is

                    - build nukes as I need some nukes lib components
                    - go to distrib and run build
                    - then run build deploy-installer
                    - run installer webapp :

                    Testing on both Linux and Windows, using J2SDK1.4.2_03 & JBoss3.2.3,
                    CVS snapshots from both 20040204 & 20040205 fail
                    during second step (building distrib),
                    at the assemble_xml target:
                    [concat] File /home/hxp/nukes/nukessnapshot/script/src/resources/hsqldb/setup.xml does not exist.

                    (& throws NPE.)

                    Commenting out the offending line from the assemble_xml target in the build.xml allows the build to complete:

                    <!-- < filelist dir="../script/src/resources/" files="setup.xml"/> -->

                    3 ways to ask my question ---

                    1) Am I using the right recipe for getting Nukes going? (Each time I've installed Nukes over the past several months, I've used a very different method; the how-to page and other refs all seem to be stale.)

                    2) Are you guys getting clean builds, on these snapshots? If so, what am I missing?

                    3) The build.xml files seem to be halfway converted from HSQL-centric to a parameterization that supports both MySQL and HSQL... what is the most direct way to get Nukes going if all I care about is deployment with MySQL?

                    (Out of curiousity: As a bootstrap, does the installer use HSQL internally, and then give the option of parameterizing/installing Nukes for MySQL use?)