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    Bug in ThemeSupport.java

    Silas Brown Newbie

      I am working from a code snapshot from Feb 5 2004 and found that the block expand//collapse doesn't work for the invaders, and seabreeze. The error is "that method doesn't exist". I traced it down to the ThemeSupport.java class, where the url that is created tries to call the "toggleblock" operation, which doesn't exist, so if you change this method to "toggle" then everything should work. I can't check stuff in to the code base, or would do it. Just thought you should know!

      Also this ThemeSupport method isn't called when you use the default theme or extralite, the code is duplicated (but with it being toggle instead of toggleblock so it works) in ThemeTemplate.java lines 161-165, shouldn't this be calling the "getBlockTitle" method just like when the non-default themes are used?