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    active developer soundoff

    jae Master

      aside from "cooper" (julien) and "sgwood" (and myself), who else is actively working on nukes as a contributor to the project?

      i figured it'd be a good idea to bring everyone "together", say hi, and converse a little.

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          marc fleury Master

          it is a great idea :)

          I am delighted to see the activity around nukes. 3 active guys is in fact really good.

          You guys would be proud, the only ovation I got yesterday at the JUG talk in Austin was when I demoed nukes live, people love the stuff

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            Sherman Wood Apprentice

            There are more that three folks out there working with Nukes. About 30 individuals have posted to the Nukes forums in the last 2 weeks. I think the response Marc got is indicative of what a cool piece of work Nukes is.

            My interest in Nukes is in the area of a light portal server, providing user authentication and role based security, and a modular, pluggable architecture for Web applications. JetSpeed is too complicated for what I need, and the Nukes approach seems just right.

            Thus, my focus on contributing to Nukes has been:

            - getting a good set of Postgres definitions (done).

            - the installer. It looks as if Noel doesn't have the time at the moment to finish that off, so I will work on that, too. See http://www.jboss.org/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=44740 for what I am intending to do.

            - My team is in the process of replacing JetSpeed with Nukes. They will be working with JSPs instead of templates, so we will shake this area out.

            I have not gone into the various modules apart from core too much. I have to say that using the main JBoss site forums is not as good as using phpbb equivalents ie. the Hibernate forums (see http://www.jboss.org/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=45807 for some of the issues), so I hope the 1.0 release of Nukes BB is closer to the level of phpbb. I know, I know! Julien et al have been working very hard on this for over a year (is it now?) and I appreciate that, but aiming to redevelop Nukes means that peoples' expectations will be very high. I'll try to do some QA work.

            What is left to be done before 1.0?



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              Dennis Przybyla Novice

              I am working on a downloads module. I am also probably going to convert the faq and poll modules to use templates. I just converted the template module to use templates and I think this needs to be checked into cvs if we want new developers to use templates. If we do I will write an issue and attach the changes to the issue.

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                I was an early contributor of nukes and I liked this project at its begining and I love the way it has evolved.
                I developed a few modules: news, sections, mp3player (I would like to fine tune this one!).
                Even if I was inactive for a few weeks I constantly keeped an eye on forums or even Julien to know about the thing happened for nukes.

                I recently contribute to fix some bugs, and I am currently extending the user module in order to search/manage nuke users.

                At first sight what interested me in nukes is the scalability this application offers (a little core and then you can implement whatever you want) .
                The second thing that attracted me to contribute to nukes is the "on jboss" part of nukes, I have never really developped with such a application server and I learned a lot of things

                Kevin Viet

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                  Noel is an early contributor too.

                  Noel si tu nous regarde ... :-)

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                    Noel Rocher Apprentice

                    Thanks Julien

                    I would really appreciate to drink a beer with you again !

                    BTW with all of you could be really great :o)

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                      Steve Moyer Newbie

                      I've been lurking for several months and gradually putting together the development environment to contribute. My first contribution will more than likely be something I need ... a web-based (nukes-based) LDAP administration system with a nice contacts manager look. We use LDAP for both external contact management and network/host/app authentication.

                      Once I understand the security mechanisms built into nukes, I was thinking that the data behind it could be stored in LDAP as well (since that's where all our other authentication data is managed.

                      Would anyone else be interested in this module? Anyone have any feature suggestions? Comments?


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                        this is a possibility, in that case we would have to introduce interfaces for user/group/etc...