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    User module updated

    Viet Master

      the module user has been updated :

      • UserEJB has one new property which is Enabled. So you will have to alter your table to add that property. Sherman can you confirm this is ok for the postgres DDL ?
      • now you have access to a search page. admins can disable/enable accounts.
      • some other minor fixes

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          Sherman Wood Apprentice

          I'll check out the Postgres definitions.

          I am having problems with boolean CMP EJB attributes. These do not map nicely to Postgres BOOLEAN or BIT columns, causing errors when the DB is accessed :-( The advice I have seen on the JBoss forums suggests that using java.lang.Boolean instead of straight boolean fixes the problem. Would it be a problem to do that change in Nukes?


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            Sherman Wood Apprentice

            The enable/disable function worked, and the BOOLEAN/BIT issue for Postgres seems to be resolved.