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    news module

    jae Master

      the news module has been updated so that it compiles with the new security changes, and links will appear in the menu block when it is deployed.

      now, having said that, couple things....

      1) flush your security settings to ensure the permissions are setup correctly upon deployment

      delete from nuke_services_attributes where pn_aid='Security'

      2) i believe i have restored the functionality to what it was before, but there are definately things that do not work/are broken, and are on my list of todos. if you do choose to experiment w/ the module, pls post all bugs that you encounter in the bug tracker (sf.net).

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          Dennis Przybyla Novice

          Do you have to do the delete everytime you change the default security when you deploy your module? I am working on the downloads module and I find that the User that I added is not able to access the donwloads module form the main menu. What do I have to do to get the downloads module to appear in the main menu?