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    Nukes 1.0

    Viet Master

      Nukes 1.0 is out, you can have it from the project page http://www.jboss.org/developers/projects/nukes/index (the location is likely to change when it will be moved to sourceforge download repository).

      Enjoy it !

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          jae Master

          congrats julien!

          now that the release is out, what is the plan for moving off onto a branch for continuing development?

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            Viet Master

            the cvs has been tagged as Nukes_1_0, for now we don't branch. We don't add new features, we concentrate on fixing the other existing modules like you are doing for the News module.

            We will get out a 1.1 soon with the new modules.

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              Dennis Przybyla Novice

              I am also going to target the downloads module for 1.1. It is comming along really nicely. It is taking me longer than I thought to have the beta because I went back and changed it to use templates. I am hoping to have an alpha version soon. It should contain everything but security (still have to figure this out, it is probably not hard but just haven't gotten to it yet). It works pretty much just like the one in postnuke except for the administration aspect of the module.

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                Viet Master

                great this is what we need : functionnalities.

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                  mkural Newbie

                  Congratulations for the release of 1.0. God willing I will check it out pretty soon. For release are you planning the support for JSR-168? Is it going to be a 1.x release? And also, were you able to get in a dialogue with Brian from Liferay?

                  Keep up the good work.

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                    mkural Newbie

                    Oh by the way.. The strategy taken by the uPortal project can also be used in JBoss Nukes to support JSR-168. Basically what they are doing is that they are embedding Apache Pluto portlet container into their portal and using a portlet-to-channel adapter (channels are basically uPortal's "modules") to aggregate JSR-168 portlets hosted inside inside Pluto into the portal.

                    Here is an explanation of this from their website:

                    I suggest you contact them on what they did. Cause basically it would have to be a very similar thing in JBoss Nukes. Instead of having a portlet-to-channel adapter you would have a portlet-to-module adapter.

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                      Richard Lowery Newbie

                      Has anyone managed to get the source drop for 1.0.0 to compile under linux?

                      I keep getting the following, (and I've tried the 1.0.0 released source, the snapshot, and head...

                      I keep getting this:

                      [xslt] : Fatal Error! java.lang.IllegalStateException: can't declare any more prefixes in this context Cause: java.lang.IllegalStateException: can't declare any more prefixes in this context

                      Any ideas?