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    Download Alpha module is ready

    Dennis Przybyla Novice

      I have pretty much all the functionality of the downloads module done. You can take a look at it at http://dragon.przybyla.org:8080/nukes/. The only thing it really dosen't have is the security set up. So it basicly is running in administration mode. I will try to get the security added this week and release a beta version of it. This address is my workstation and is up most of the time. Please do not abuse my workstation or I will have to close the firewall.

      I have added these features to downloads module that was not in the postnuke downloads module:

      - subcategories of subcategories
      - Admin functions are accessed from menu in downloads module

      I do know of a few issues that I am working to resolve.

      - add user/group security
      - need to add configuration page to module.
      - Calculation of all downloads in all subcategories does not work yet.
      - Editorials do not work.
      - View comments do not work.
      - Delete downloads not in modifyDownload yet.
      - Delete category not in modifyCategory yet.
      - Cascading Category display not done yet. (ie. just get "Modules" instead of "Nukes / Modules" in the select box)
      - Havn't decided on whether to allow downloads in the main category or not (What do you think?)

      If you have any suggestions please email me here.